Lowest String Prices!
Lowest String Prices!
We will meet or beat others to get you the best deal.
Lowest String Prices Value - We've lowered hundreds of string prices to offer you a better deal than other distributors, and where we were lower, we didn't raise prices!

- If you find another US distributor that has a lower price, simply show us the current price sheet or invoice and we will meet or beat it!

- We purchase all of our strings direct from the manufacturer or their authorized US distributor, so you know that you are getting authentic, fresh strings.

- We also offer substantial quantity discounts when purchasing 12 or more of the same violin or viola string or set, or 6 or more of the same cello or bass string or set.

The fine print:
Not much, actually - we will match any US distributor for the identical item. Beware of bargains which turn out to be unpackaged strings.
We will not match non-US sources as we have no way of knowing what you will get, nor will we match auction site prices for the same reason.
Most strings are available for sale only in the US, due to manufacturer requirements.

Give us a call if you have any questions!